Irena Tsakova

Permitting and Legal Director of Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD and Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad EAD


Irena Tsakova is Permitting and Legal Director of Dundee’s mining operations in Bulgaria. She handles the tough process of ensuring all legal permits and operational compliance required for Dundee’s prospecting, exploration, mining and processing of copper-gold-pyrite ores from the Chelopech deposit and auriferous ores from the Ada Tepe deposit in Bulgaria Among the remarkable successes of Irena and her team are the projects for the reclamation of old mine damage in the Chelopech mine and improving the state of the environment, as well as the launch of the first newly developed mine in Bulgaria in the last 40 years – “Ada Tepe” in the Krumovgrad municipality .

Irena was selected in the ranking of One Hundred Inspiring Women in the Mining Industry. She is a member of the Management Board of the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria.